International Dog Day

International Dog Day is celebrated every year on 26 August. If someone is closest between man and animal, then he is a dog. There are many types of research in relation to dogs and humans. Recently, another such research has come. Scientists have found in research that the dog owner is less at risk of heart disease. Apart from this, scientists also believe that this also increases the physical activity of humans. On International Dog Day, we all must know about the benefits of raising a dog.

Dog cradle beneficial for diabetes patients
owning a dog beneficial for diabetes patients

Scientists claim that diabetic patients live in a profit by following a dog. Researchers believe that if you own a dog in diabetes, then adopt an active lifestyle with him. It helps you to walk and run fast. Scientists also believe that owning a dog also means being active.

Risk of heart disease decreases
The risk of heart disease is also less in people who raise dogs. If you have had a heart disease once, it is beneficial to keep a dog active in your life.

The biggest benefit of keeping dogs is because the activity increases in life. When you include activities in lifestyle, you are heart and healthy. Because of this, the risk of obesity and diabetes is also reduced.

More than 2 thousand people were included in this recent research. The average age of the people involved in the research was between 24 and 65 years.

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