Leg sprain

Some people often have leg cramps while sleeping at night and then have a leg sprain. This causes severe pain, swelling in the veins of the feet at times. This condition is very painful. Many people have leg cramps while sleeping at night. Actually, it has to go vein. Muscles are also pulled in it. Along with pain in the feet, one feels burning sensation, numbness, tingling or needle pricking. Leg sprain can be a problem for anyone. Ascending of the vein is not limited only to the feet, this pain can be felt in the hands, neck, waist, abdomen or any part of the body except the feet.

Due to nerve

  • When the amount of sugar in the blood becomes high, that is, the blood becomes more sweet, then there is a problem of pulling the vein.

Low levels of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in the water and blood in the body are also the main reason for this.

  • Diabetes patients, those who drink too much alcohol, eat less food, weak people also get vein.
  • People who exercise more and do more physical work also complain about this.
  • Due to keeping the legs or any part of the body in the same position for a long time and due to muscle fatigue, this problem can also occur.

Home remedies for jaundice in the feet
1 Rest more when the vein is pulled. Keep the feet at a height.

2 Where the vein is stretching, cold ice compress. Doing this for 15 minutes will provide relief.

3 Gently stretch on the cramped area and massage with hot oil.

4 Reduce substance abuse. The problem of pulling the vein will be reduced.

5 overweight people also complain of nerve strain. In such a situation, try to lose weight. Go for a walk every day, go jogging. Doing this will strengthen the veins of the feet.

6 While sleeping, make sure that your feet are at a height. Sleeping with a pillow under your feet will not pull a nerve and you will also have a good sleep

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