This problem is increasing in children due to your being busy

Do not mind in studies, do not participate in sports, quarreling, shouting and not agreeing on everything…. In fact, which you are thinking of deteriorating the child, these are signs of his psychotic depression. Handling the trivial matters of tough life alone, this mental disorder is on the rise in most urban children. Which is called psychotic depression. Children in single families who cannot get quality time are falling prey to this mental depression.

What is psychotic depression
Psychotic depression is a major depression in which you may hear such feelings or sounds that you are of no use or are unsuccessful. In this depression, some people may feel that they can listen to their thoughts.

Psychotic depression symptoms
If children feel constant sadness or desperation, then be immediately alert. These can be symptoms of psychotic disorder depression. Irritability, unhappiness for no reason, anger at small things, behavior changes, anorexia in food and drink, studies, lack of interest in sports, negative thinking and restlessness are symptoms. Apart from this, the initial signs of being jealous of children of our age, complaints from school and liking loneliness are also mentioned.

What is the reason
Most children in modern lifestyles are suffering from psychotic depression. The cause of psychotic depression in children is child loneliness, mistake in understanding children, excessive scolding and excessive burden of expectations on children. Nowadays most couples are working. They leave for their workplaces in the morning. In such a situation, children are not only left alone at home, but they are also put the responsibility of protecting themselves and the home.


Stress can also be caused by studies
Education is also a major cause of stress in some children. In which children are unable to complete the syllabus on time. They also have concerns about not completing homework or reducing the number. When the homework is not completed, there is a scolding from the parents, the teacher’s reprimand is also heard in the school.

Can have serious consequences
If these symptoms of sadness, sadness and irritability persist for a long time, it can have serious consequences on the child. Because of this, children start moving towards negative thinking. Due to this, their confidence level also decreases and their performance starts to be affected everywhere in studies or sports.


 Prevention from Psychotic Depression
If children feel such symptoms, then be alert immediately. Do not create so much pressure of syllabus and study that the enthusiasm and fun of their age will end. In addition to studies, the activities of his interest, include him in sports as well. Give children quality time. Do not deny the little things of children. Listen to them carefully and guide them for the better. Both husband and wife should make their home and office schedule so that more time can be spent for the child. They need not only expensive toys, big schools and your money, but also your love, guidance and support. If needed, consult a good child counselor or psychiatrist as well.

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